13 Signs of a Man Who Will Never Stop Loving You

Love 2017

We all have our own personal definitions of Mr. Right , Finding a man who is willing and ready to settle down and love you FOREVER is really not a easy task as it look like. So when you find someone, it’s like walking down the street and discovering a thousands of dollar bill on the ground. What if you have no idea how to tell the difference from a man who is truly committed from one who is only interested in a fling.

You know you’ve a daydreamed about someone what it’ll be like when you find that incredible guy, the one who truly loves you and want to spend the rest of his life with you. Well, don’t worry here are the signs that you’ve finally found a man who will love you forever and never deceive you. I hope you’ve got is so helplessly in love and he will never fall out of it.

1) He caters to you.


He always makes sure you’re happy day in and day out. He always listens to you crazy stories and other work. He mostly rubs your neck when it’s sore, he loves to cooks dinner on the night for you when you’re feeling sleepy. His top priorities is to caring for you, and he does a damn good job of it.

2) He always keeps you in mind when making major decisions.

Love 2017

He doesn’t take a new job without telling you first. He is well aware in it. He always tell the good news to you first.

3) He doesn’t flirt with other girls.

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He never decided or try to flirt with other girls when you make him angry. He always talk about you and want you to monitor him every move because he loves to do he feels you care and love him alot and will never see him with other girl. He feels protect and feels good when you always monitor to him. Monitor to someone means you care him/her alot that’s why you do.

4) He doesn’t mind talking about the future.

Love 2017

He always talk about future planning with you that he will buy a house and get engaged with you and make babies. He doesn’t mind when you or he talk about the future.

5) He loves making you feel special.

Love 2017

He always want to treat you like a Queen, sure he’s got a smile on his face when he’s with you because you’re the one.

6) He Doesn’t Avoid Problems

Love 2017

If you face any problem, He makes your problems his own. He feels very good and smile when your problem get solve by him.

7) He’s Not Afraid To Say Sorry

Love 2017

As you know mostly relationship destroy because of the EGO, He always apologize to you even if he is not wrong and will always try to make you understand rather than leaving you without saying sorry. He feels very good when you say sorry to him and he forgive you at that time. All he really wants is to see your happy and he never wants to be the reason that you will get in distress.

8) He Encourages You

Love 2017

He always encourages you to do this which is best option for your life rather taking wrong decisions from others. he always tells you the best option which will good for you and easy to do. He always just thinks a better life and better option for you like he takes in his life. He will never hold you back but instead he encourages you to give it a try now matter how nervous you might be. He always thinks when you succeed, he succeeds.

9) He Loves Everything About You

Love 2017

He never feels hesitate from you. he loves your personality, he loves every single part of you. He always thinks you are perfect just the way you are. And yes, the only thing he hates is that you can’t see yourself in the way that he sees you. He always thinks you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever that laid on his eyes and he reminders you this always.

10) He Listens

Love 2017

This may be going to come as bit of a surprise to most of you. He always wants to hear about how your day went, what your dream vacation is and everything related to your
plans. He will be your shoulder to cry on after a bad day when you’re needing to vent. He always listen you and give a good advice to you, He always relaible to you and has your back.

11) He misses you all the time.

Love 2017

when you are apart from each other he has no problem sending you a cute text letting you know that he is missing you and you’re on his mind. He cancel the all plans because that means he has to go even longer without seeing you. If he could he would love to spend all of the time in this world with you.

12) He’s Comfortable With You

Love 2017

He’s probably not being overly comfortable with you. He always just hanging out with you and always thinks you’re special to him and he loves that he can be himself with you. He’ll teases you and tickle you and you’ll feel like you’re the only ones in this world he knows he can tell you anything with no fear of judgment. He always tries to guide you best way as possible as he can do.

13) He laughs at your mistakes and takes his own mistakes seriously.

Love 2017

He never want to hurt you that’s why he laughs at your mistakes. He doesn’t want the single drop of tear in your eyes. He never want to breakup with you of any mistakes.
He always try to makes you understand to don’t be worry I’m standing up with you and he takes his own mistakes seriously and try to don’t do it again.



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