What a bear! Arrest women for stealing at Fashion Mall

What a bear! Arrest women for stealing at Fashion Mall

Chihuahua, Chih.- Two women, one of them underage, accused of committing burglary at a shopping center in the Periférico de la Juventud, were detained Wednesday afternoon by agents of the Municipal Police, who transferred them to the Command North to consign them to the ministerial authority, as they could well be related to a band dedicated to theft in shopping centers.

The presumed names, Barbara Naomi SM and Salma Gabriela SM, aged 17 and 28, respectively, and those who appear to have a consanguineous relationship, were reported to the emergency telephone number 9-1-1 by security personnel at a clothing store, Located in the interior of this establishment, after observing them by the cameras subtracting unpaid garments.

The alleged thieves attempted to board a gray Chevrolet Corsa vehicle with national plates to flee, but the uniformed men came earlier to address the situation. Employees from another of the resort’s stores arrived to recognize valuable clothing and other items they allegedly had illegally taken. Between the two robberies was initially spoken of an amount greater than 20 thousand pesos, a fact that at the time will be elucidated by the investigating authority.

Finally, the young women were placed in charge of the State Prosecutor’s Office, waiting for those affected to come forward to file the respective complaint for the crimes that result.

Credits: Eldiario


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