Donald Trump Supporters Attacked Russia Story as Fake


When Russia investigation reaches new milestone, US President Donald Trump news lashes out at fake story and called a “a total fabrication and excuse for the big loss in the history of American politics” at rowdy rally on Thursday,

Donald Trump news

After this news Justice Department special counsel has investigated advanced so, Trump said, “It just makes them feel better when they have nothing else to talk about.

So he prompted an overflow to the supporters and their taunts at Hillary Clinton, just as he first did more than a year ago at the Republican convention that nominated him the president of United States.

As the prosecutors should be looking at the Hillary Clinton that she deleted 33 thousand emails as Trump said.

Trump had said after the election when the trump supported violence when he debated that he no longer wanted the Justice Department to investigate Clinton, After few months FBI declined to do so after a lengthy look at her emails. Trump has renewed his complaints about Clinton.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Also he seemed to narrow the scope of his own defense against the allegations, but now it is known that his own son Donald Jr, met last year with a Russian attorney to have incriminating material against Clinton provided by the Russian government.

As trump simply said that Russians were not in his campaign but Trump said that most people know that there were no Russians in our campaign and we didn’t win because of Russia but we won because of you.”

Basically they are trying to cheat you out of the leadership with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and to our country, Trump said.

Russia trump news

Trump supporters won’t believe what the Trump had admitted. Donald trump twitter news going to be a problem, though as the evidence piles up that Russia did a lot more to the election than the president wants to admit it. It may means that the Americans might even not care the Russia one of the greatest attacks on US democracy in our country’s history.




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