The hidden message against Donald Trump at Fashion Week

Against Donald Trump

A fashion brand will kick off the spotlight of Fashion Week’s latest fashion week in New York to unveil its discontent with US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The American brand R13, known mainly for its jeans, presented in its most recent collection at New York Fashion Week a series of clothes that show disagreement with Donald Trump, the presidential candidate of the USA through the phrase “Fuck Trump “(Fuck Trump)


“It was an idea that came out spontaneously and it felt good, so we explored it,” Chris Leba, the designer of the brand, told Refinery. “In fact we had to develop the silk stamping very quickly because of the lack of time, but we did not make the decision on whether to present it or not until we see everything together.”


The phrase was used as stamped on leggings and dresses in the patriotic tones of the country, which add to an oversized T-shirt with the phrase “God Save America.” The designer also commented that he was surprised to have received virtually no negative messages for this political message.


The collection is limited edition and will be on sale in the coming weeks at the R13 online store.


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