This Waitress Responds After She Was Makeup Shamed Instead of Given a Tip


Terrible tippers are the most noticeably awful, however clients who decline to tip and leave an awful note? Not cool.

However that is precisely what one lady said happened to her last week at the southern Indiana pizza parlor where she fills in as a server. Kelsi, a yearning cosmetics craftsman, was particularly unsettled when she read the note her clients had composed on the receipt they abandoned: “Here’s a tip: Contour should mix.”

When people try to hurt your feelings over your makeup, good thing I know my #makeup was #flawless to me? Story: two girls around 16 years old came in and I was their waitress. I took great care of them and everything was great until I dropped the check off. When I returned to pick it up, they demanded to speak to a manager because they 'didn't have enough money' and I 'didn't tell them exactly how much their food was going to cost them' even though they had the menus for a good 20 minutes before they decided what they wanted. Long story short my manager would not discount their food because they shouldn't have ordered food they couldn't pay for, and it was not my responsibility to tell them while they were ordering how much it costs after tax and everything. They 'magically' had a card to put it on and this is the 'tip' they left me. GIVEBACKGIVEAWAY! My give away is open now till the 22nd?

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“My heart sort of dropped for a moment,” said Kelsi, who shares her cosmetics looks on Instagram and asked that TODAY Style withhold her last name. “I had truly awful self-perception issues and for quite a while I didn’t feel like I was adequate. … Every one of those contemplations zoomed back in my mind.”

“A moment later, I thought, you comprehend what, I invested a great deal of energy doing my cosmetics today. Who are they to state that my shape is botched up, or that my cosmetics doesn’t look great?” she proceeded. “Since I know it looks great, and it looks great to me.”

Kelsi shared a photograph of her cosmetics that day on Instagram, alongside a preview of the receipt the clients left. Furthermore, we concur: Her cosmetics looks truly immaculate.

In her post, which has since turned into a web sensation, she clarified that the clients were two high school young ladies who appeared to be content with the administration at first.

“They were super benevolent and pleasant,” she told TODAY. “I even conversed with (one of) the young ladies about her eyeliner for a moment. I cherish cosmetics, so on the off chance that you have bomb cosmetics, I reveal to you have bomb cosmetics.”

In any case, when the check came, they said they didn’t have enough cash to pay the bill and requested to address a director, Kelsi said. The director affirmed the check was right, and the young ladies in the long run paid — however not without composing a note on the receipt dissing Kelsi’s cosmetics, and declining to tip. (A representative at the eatery affirmed Kelsi’s story to TODAY finished the telephone yet declined to remark further.)


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