Trump Says His Base Is Stronger Than Ever And He Doesn’t Watch CNN.

Trump new

President Donald Trump insisted that his support is more stronger than ever, without being affected by a report that some Republicans are weighing a 2020 presidential run without him.

In early morning Trump tweets on twitter and he says that “My base far bigger & stronger than ever before without being affected by some Fake news polling“. He only criticized the “failing @nytimes.” The New York Times after some efforts
Republicans looking ahead to 2020, including Vice President Mike Pence. Even Pence called the report false.

Trump also tweets that he is “working so hard” from his own private golf club which in Central New Jersey, while the White House heating and cooling system has already repaired, and he also planned to head to New York next week for “more meetings.” while he takes a break from Washington.

On Monday, White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said that Trump will return to his hometown first half of next week and she did not provide more details.

The White House said that Donald Trump will be meeting with Cabinet Secretaries on issues like Health care and taxes in New Jersey.

Donald Trump doesn’t watch CNN:

In morning at 7:47 a.m , President Donald Trump tweeted that ” He is Interesting to watch Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut talking about hoax Russian collusion

Someone ask the question from trump that what occasioned this trump rant? he replied Tv, of course, and specifically CNN – which Trump likes to say he never watches.

The idea that Trump doesn’t watch Tv and CNN is particular is basically ridiculous.

In February, Dona;d trump proudly proclaimed that “He doesn’t watch CNN and don’t like watching fake news.


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